After each student passes the written test, we can begin a schedule of six one-hour behind the wheel sessions with an instructor.  Another requirement is to drive with a parent/guardian for at least 40 hours(15 of which should be night driving) *If a parent attended a Parent Class and received a Certificate of Completion.  If a parent/Guardian did not attend a Parent Class, the driving requirement is 50 hours behind the wheel. These hours must be documented and approved.  
*NOTE* driving sessions with your instructor (6) do not count as hours on your log sheet!!
We recommend however, to get your very first hour in with Great Plains so we can establish proper habits leading up to the final driving test.  If the students birth date is in six months from passing the written test, we will drive once a month.  If it is in 12 months from the written test we will drive once every other month and develop the students driving skills up to the point of the final driving test.  After passing the final driving test, the the student will receive an official provisional drivers license from the Department of Public Safety.

The streets of Worthington, Slayton and Windom Minnesota provide a wonderful variety for beginning drivers.  
Students will gain skills at turning, parking, intersection observation, traffic signals, road signs, lane position, following other vehicles and much more.

PRACTICE DRIVINGStudents, try to get the most driving time using the vehicle that you will be testing in.

Students may schedule their final driving exam on the web...  Here is the link to the database:        

Did you know....The poles we use for practicing Parallel Parking and Corner Backing are located at the parking lot of the old outdoor swimming pool - near the Beach Nook by the lake.  These poles are up as weather allows.  As you are practice driving with your child, drive by to see if the poles are up and get some practice in.

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